Did you know?
In 136 years of Colorado's statehood,
Coloradans have elected 0 women to the U.S. Senate.

- Emerge Colorado

A forward-thinker by all standards, Trish firmly believes America exists on a precipice of opportunity with the potential to embrace some of the largest economic and social advances in history. She envisions that with smart investments in green technologies, education, science, medicine, and more, America has the potential to be global leaders in building a future for the future.

From the latest research, Trish realizes the necessity that America adapt rapidly to an ever-changing and mobile world by working to create new sustainable jobs, infrastructure, educational opportunities, social justices, and marked improvement in a work-life balance for all American citizens. Additionally, she is an avid advocate for policy which maximizes the opportunities for all Americans, and is passionate to fight for the values of her friends, family, and fellow Coloradans. 

Personally, Trish was born in the rural mountains of Northern New Hampshire, better known as the "Live Free or Die" state. Raised in a small town miles away from any urban center, much like many areas in Colorado, Trish grew up roaming the woods and rivers around a house her father built. A conservative, religious upbringing from an immigrant family (her father immigrated as a child from France/Italy), Trish was the first in her family to receive an advanced college degree. Although she now lives in urban regions, Trish still deeply appreciates the values of small town living and hopes to apply her diverse background to help create smart policy solutions which benefit both rural and urban centers alike.

Trish currently lives in Superior, Colorado and is a lecturer, researcher, and speaker. She is penning her first non-fiction book, and additionally serves as the Lead Coordinator for a Colorado STEM & Policy Research initiative, Advisor for the 500 Women Scientists Youth Pod in Boulder County, the Principal Director of CoMusica (a community music program she founded in 2013 in Boulder County), and as the Lead Coordinator for 314 Action Colorado Chapter, a nonprofit aimed at transitioning scientists into policy. She currently teaches behavioral neuroscience at CU Denver, and has previously worked in research at the University of Colorado Boulder, Denver Health Hospital, and the Stanford University School of Medicine. As a scientist who passionately believes in applying evidence-based solutions to policy, Trish is actively exploring a bid for the U.S. Senate in Colorado, 2020.