Exploratory Volunteer Team: Donate! Donate! Donate!

We need $20M** to make change. No problem, right? ;)

**Please note as this is not yet a declared campaign but rather "testing of waters", we are not actively recruiting monies outside of basic funding to cover exploratory costs. That said, we are VERY interested to know if you would donate in the future! Send us an email with a pledge amount so that if Trish chooses to announce candidacy we can contact you!

If you would like to donate for an exploratory committee please Contact Us to arrange funds. Thank you.


Exploratory Volunteer Team: Event Planning!

We need volunteers to help schedule and organize events such as Town Halls, meetings, and other ways to connect with Coloradans in our exploratory phase. We need to meet the people to better know the people!

Contact us to get started!


Exploratory Volunteer Team: Tech & Media!

We seek lots of volunteers in technology & media (e.g. videography, video editing, photography, marketing, social media, website management, writing, & more) to collect materials in the event of a state-wide campaign!

Contact us to get started!


Exploratory Volunteer Team: Dig Deep Researchers!

We seek volunteers with expertise in areas such as climate change, education, healthcare, and more, to create multiple mini-research teams to investigate and create thorough, smart, innovative policy proposals with the numbers to back them up. Know someone with a good head on their shoulders? Send 'em our way!

Contact us to get started!