Invest in Education, Invest in the Future


Fund Teachers : If we can choose to invest in defending our country, we can choose to invest in nurturing our country's future. It's time we increase school teacher pay, resources, and educational opportunities and put our money with our values.

Many teachers fund classroom school supplies out of their own pockets, not having the budgets to purchase even the simplest of items such as pens, crayons, or paper. Imagine if your boss required you to personally fund your office computer, printer, and supplies. This is our youth, we can do better!

Early Childhood Education : Increase focus on early childhood years, providing children as young as 4 preschool opportunities and additional funding to early start programs.

Appropriate Leadership : I would strongly oppose appointments such as Ms. Betsy DeVos. We need teachers and education specialists to lead the charge on education.

Healthy Classrooms : Schools should be a safe haven offering all students equal opportunities to succeed regardless of economic background, disabilities, and unstable home lives. Schools should be well enough funded to provide adequate meals and snacks at low-no cost, exercise time, quiet time, and counseling as needed to qualifying students.

Study "Domestic" : Create publicly funded programs to educate youth on different cultures, peoples, and lifestyle within the United States. Not only will this help build relations and insight amongst our own society, but this also increases networking opportunities for later job and career development, particularly for disadvantaged students.

Diversify Curricula : Ensure all students have access to reasonable opportunities for all fields of study, and introduce diversity-based study focusing on different types of faiths, ethnicities, cultures, and more. Provide incentive programs for teachers with diverse backgrounds to travel or live in rural communities.

Outdoor Education : Incorporate natural world education into classrooms to educate upcoming generations why the natural world is so crucial to our success.


Debt-Free College : Increase work-study and paid mentorships to provide opportunities and lower or eliminate student debts. Work to mandate appropriate university tuition costs.

Debt-Reduction Programs : Create debt-reduction programs for students during recent years who were charged well beyond a reasonable education program cost. This will help ease the burden on younger generations who are anxious to start the process of buying houses and other life necessities.

Personal Note: Even with attending the cheapest school I could find, having large scholarships, and working often two to three jobs to pay my way through college (to the detriment of my studies), I still accrued college debt. It is simply no longer possible to "work your way through college".

Early-Career Grants : Increase scientific grant and entrepreneurship access for young scientists and engineers.

Study Abroad : Increase publicly funded study abroad programs to educate youth on different cultures and peoples. In this highly mobile world it is critical our youth learn to integrate with other backgrounds.

Include Teachers in Law Making : The best sources of information, for education or other areas, is always those with their feet on the ground, day after day. We should more closely work with diverse talent from the education sector to assist and guide on policy making.