A Future For The Future

Goal : Make sustainable energies, transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, and conservation a top priority for America.

Invest in Green Technology : Investing in sustainable and renewable technologies (e.g. solar, wind, large-scale urban and vertical farming, etc.) as we have in the past for manufacturing and agricultural modernizations will retain our position of global leadership and respect. It will also create a multitude of jobs, not only in engineering and science, but also in environmentally responsible building construction, maintenance, land management, technical workers, agriculture, architecture, and all types of American industries.

Modern Energy : Coal, oil, and gas will simply not be feasible in the long terms, both financially and in terms of limited resources. We must move swiftly toward renewable energies that can last us through the ages. In addition to investing in new technologies and offering financial incentives to renewable electrical generators, we should work to cease new drilling of oil and gas wells, offering just compensation and job retraining programs to individuals affected by America's evolving economic opportunities. (See Economy & Jobs for more information.)

Although Colorado is historically an oil-minded state, aggressively pursuing industry-scale, proven renewables would actually be a huge boon to Colorado's currently thriving economy. If Colorado were to be an early and notable green-tech adopter, we could secure our position as one of the largest economic drivers in the U.S. Colorado is currently home to three manufacturing facilities of Vestas, a wind turbine company, and is easily poised to be a leader in the sustainability movement.

Economic Advantage : Let's work with Americans who own parcels of land to discuss economic opportunities related to sustainable technologies, land management opportunities, or land preservation opportunities. In Texas, for example, farmers get paid for two harvests, one being the traditional dry land wheat, and the second being from wind turbines on the land.

Sustainable Agriculture : Invest in local, sustainable food production and management. Let's bring technology and innovation into the agricultural and rural sectors and work with communities to maximize efficient production.

Reduce Waste : We have become a disposal culture and it simply will not sustain us in the long run. We need to leave our world a better place for our children's children. Let's work to create policy to reduce trash, increase sustainable packaging, and integrate local composting and recycling facilities across the country. Specifically, we should use technology and innovation to eliminate most if not all single-use plastics and packing in favor of reusable or biodegradable options.

Note: Colorado is currently one of the bottom-ranked states in recycling, with an estimated 12% success. Denver's recycling rate is only 18%. Come on, Coloradans, we can do better!

Protect the Wild : Enhance policies to further reduce emissions, waste, and to protect our wild lands and water systems. Tourism is a large portion of Colorado's economy, and protecting our wild lands is vital to our continued opportunities. 

Educate : Incorporate environmental education into classrooms to educate upcoming generations why the natural world is so crucial to our success.

Transportation : Modernize American transport for easy, ecological and human friendly modes of transportation such as developing bicycle lanes, electric vehicles, extensive electric vehicle-charging stations, automated vehicles, and enhanced public transport.