Policy Not Politics

Campaign Finance Reform : We need clear, citizen-driven campaigns, not campaigns funded by corporations. Businesses are not people!

Eliminate Gerrymandering : Mandating and restoring nationwide fair districting is a top priority.

One Voice, One Vote : The electoral college should be re-evaluated and considered for potential modern-day revision as deemed fair to all citizens. 

Automatic Voter Registration : Those who are eligible to vote should be automatically registered to vote. No one should ever want to vote and be unable to due to registration issues or errors.

Personal Note: I've had this happen and it was infuriating! Voting should be made as easy as possible, not a cumbersome or confusing process.

Modernized Voting : Create practices that are in keeping with 21st century technologies, such as streamlining voter address updates across systems and easy notifications of local events (e.g. primaries, elections, etc.).