The Woman With Big Visions & Small Town Values

Ensuring Good Paying Jobs : Support the creation of long term, sustainably-driven employment that provide opportunities for rural and smaller communities. Support tourism and local business. Ensure local alternatives for fossil fuel and coal workers being displaced by new technologies.  

Personal Note: Growing up in a small, rural mountain town, for many years the primary economic opportunity was the local pulp and paper mill. With the internet boom and green technologies, the paper industry suffered (Go Paperless!) and the mill ultimately closed losing hundreds of jobs, including my father's. No reasonable alternative was offered to this area and the rates of poverty, drug use, and crime have drastically increased, while at the same time home values have dropped and the cost of living increased. I personally understand the need to work hard not to allow this to happen to the communities affected by modernization.

Technological Innovation : We should encourage technological innovation for rural-specific needs via enhanced science and technology grant funding. (e.g. Agricultural advancements, road construction, and medical needs)

Transportation  & Roads : Ensure good transportation opportunities to and from rural communities exist. Poor roads can lead to increased costs for local farmers and others who transport their goods. 

Agriculture : Assistance in transitioning to a changing climate and economy will be necessary. Grant funding or other types of assistance may be needed.

Open Spaces : Work to protect the valuable privacy of small communities and the open spaces which lie between them and nearby metropolis areas. Cities are wonderful, but we should do our best to preserve peaceful, country living opportunities, too. 

Quality Education Access : For many, the interest to go to school is superseded by the proximity and/or cost. Work to provide programs to ease educational opportunity.

Quality Healthcare Access : Often those who live in rural areas are too far away from the treatment they need and therefore go untreated. Work to create mobilized healthcare programs to help end healthcare deserts. (See Healthcare for more information.)

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Programs : It is our moral standard to help those in their time of need. I support funding and increasing community programs, particularly rural communities, for substance (and other forms of) abuse.