STEM Fights Back

Invest in STEM :We need to invest in our future. Period. I will not support cuts to vital STEM and medical programs.

Modernizing Our Electrical Grid & Infrastructure : We need to work aggressively to keep America at the forefront of technological infrastructure. In addition to modernizing our highways, bridges, and ports, we also need to invest in a modern electrical grid. For example, we should invest in large scale wind and solar farms combined with utility-scale battery storage and direct current electrical super-highways for more efficient, long-range transmission. We should include well-rounded experts in the field in addition to law makers, to create widely considered, long-term innovative solutions.

Open Access Science : Collaborate with institutions all over the world to create open-access data sets to enhance productivity and innovation.

Women & Minorities in Science : As a woman in STEM, I can attest that it often feels like the "Good Ol' Boys Club". While it can be invigorating at first as a woman to make it in a field traditionally reserved for men, this sort of environment is not conducive to long term strategies of inclusivity and satisfaction. Attracting diversity to STEM requires not only educating and encouraging minorities to join, but also working to help change the current environment so that they want to stay in STEM. 

Update Federal Participant Research Laws : We should revisit and modernize federal laws relating to research such as: 

  • The ability to study marijuana given it is now legal across many states, including Colorado (it is currently a schedule I drug which prohibits most scientific study and puts researchers at risk). 
  • The ability to return data more easily to patients & participants. 
  • The ability to increase access to experimental medical treatments to patients for willing participants.

Programs in Science Media : Let's be honest, science is way cool! There are so many amazing things we do and see on a daily basis and we should work to share this with the public more readily. Programs specific to accuracy in science media, such as writing and video education, should be a focus as the way to increase public support for science is to increase understanding of what we really do. All too often the science shared at a public level is incomplete due to misunderstandings or over-simplification. Let's work to create well-informed, thorough public-access education media for all ages. People want to be informed, we simply need to provide them the tools.

Environmental Studies : Invest, invest, invest. This should be one of our largest areas of focus as some studies suggest solving large world crises (i.e. easy and safe access to all life basics such as water, food, and safe shelter) would reduce our global conflicts, as well as increase our global health and happiness. See thoughts on "Environment & Sustainability" for more information.

Increase Participant Access to Research Studies : Let's work to inform the public what participating in research really looks like. It's not scary, we promise!