Make Tomorrow Today

Equal Pay : Same work = same pay.

Equal Marriage : Love and marriage are beautiful things for any persons.

Pro-Choice : We don't regulate men's bodies, let's not regulate women's bodies, either. 

Please note you can be both pro-life and pro-choice. A vote for pro-choice simply means you allow the same freedom of choice to all fellow Americans given their personal and medical needs. You don't want us to take your rights, please don't take ours.

Affordable Housing : All Americans need basic shelter and utilities regardless of income, background, health, or other identifiers.

Reduce Work Promotion Barriers for Minorities : Look at any top-level of industry and there are more white men than any other type of person - hello Congress! Unfortunately, this simply isn't representative of our diverse country, and we would all be better off to have diverse perspectives and talents brought to the top. We should work toward encouraging diversity in hiring and other trainings and accommodations to equilibrate our leadership roles. (Hint: Supporting me is one step toward this goal!)

Disability Rights : All Americans should be given fair opportunity. A few specific points:

  • Immediate temporary access to disability services in the event of injury. No one should spend their hardest times filling out paperwork and fighting with insurance companies. 
  • Support and continued improvement for the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Increase investigational research grants on treatments and therapies, particularly for some of the top causes for disability and missed work including migraines and depression, as well as areas of potentially huge medical leaps including spinal, head, and nerve injuries. 

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Programs : It is our moral standard to help those in their time of need. We need to fund and increase community programs for substance (and other forms of) abuse. We need to work to remove the stigma from getting help.